Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How to: Cake Bunting

If you haven't seen the practice of decorating a cake with bunting instead of piping on icing, well then, you probably don't visit Pinterest. Or Odeedoh. Or every crafting, caking, kid-ing blog ever.

I know, I know, bunting has pretty much reached "Put a Bird on It" status.

But it's so darn easy, and looks so cute! Way easier then trying to-- and failing at-- fancy frosting.

You don't even really need a "Cake Bunting Tutorial";
  • I just typed up my message in Microsoft Word (making sure to hit the "tab" key at least twice between each letter)
  • Cut the letters out in triangle shapes, free-hand, but I might try a template next time
  • Folded down the top 1/4" of the letters (which was the bottom of the triangles)
  • Placed the fold over a bit of yarn, and scotch-taped it
  • Tied each end of the yarn onto two shish-kabob sticks
  • Stabbed each stick in a cupcake
  • Set it.... and forget it!
Quick and dirty, and less than ten minutes. Srsly! I didn't bother to make 'em two-sided, but it can be done. What's your cake bunting method? Probably a lot nicer than mine.

Happy 25th to my little brother.

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