Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How could you be so heartless...

This is my rendition of the Heartfelt Gaiter posted on Craftzine, and the last project my beloved Grandmother helped me on before she died on March 12th. I finished it in February, and it's my first ever attempt at cableing. The project calls for size 15 16" to 24" circular needles, but I only had 29" needles. I ended up adding an extra cable repetition to the pattern to accomodate my long needle, good thing I did because otherwise it would not go over my head. Clearly my gauge was off... (I never checked it). I used two strands of Lion Brand acrylic. I also STILL need to weave in those ends!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Giddyup Cake

I made this horse head cake for my mom's birthday.

She's a paint horse. You can see I just sort of slathered the frosting on with a spatula and butter knife as opposed to piping it on. She's based on this cake, and I for the most part followed that template when I cut the two cakes up and pieced them together, but when it came time to decorate the cake, I took some liberties. I left out the halter, used pretzels instead of licorice for her mane, and used M&M's for her eyes and notril. I also used used a rectangle pan for parts C & D instead of a square pan, which meant less wasted cake.

As cake decorating goes, I'd probably call it a Fail-- a cake only a mother could love. Both my brother and I though the cake looked more like a mule than a horse. But mom sure liked it and that's what matters!
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