Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pattern Haul: Simplicity on sale for 99 cents!

Say what you will about Jo-Ann (I've read the Yelp reviews, yikes!), the chain fabric store really throws down on the pattern sales.

Last time, it was Butterick for 99 cents, now it's Simplicity (through Monday, October 10th for the Columbus Day Sale).

And unlike the Butterick sale, I was determined to have no regrets-- I maxed out the 10-pattern limit with the following patterns:

  • Simplicity 2174
  • Simplicity 2180
  • Simplicity 2215
  • Simplicity 2282
  • Simplicity 2363 (Paging Mrs. Roper!)
  • Simplicity 2444
  • Simplicity 2702
  • Simplicity 2219
  • Simplicity 2588
  • Simplicity 4044 (Not pictured-- I only had space for nine patterns in my montage! It's one of the 1940s "retro" suit patterns.)

You know the drill, let me know if you're tried any of these and have any tips for me, and stay tuned for the dresses I actually make out of these. I'm a little worried about the Project Runway Patterns. They only go up to size 20 and my post-pregnancy bust is an embarrassing 45"!  I'll put those in the "way later" pile.

Next up on the pattern sale front: McCalls will be 99 cents at Jo-Ann October 13th through the 15th. And I've got a thrift haul to show you too.

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